3-moe-pcp – A Research Chemical With Positive Effects

3-moe-pcp – A Research Chemical With Positive Effects

Among various research chemicals 3-meo-pcp plays a major role in the drug industry. It is a dissociative drug related to pcp and is sold online as a r

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Among various research chemicals 3-meo-pcp plays a major role in the drug industry. It is a dissociative drug related to pcp and is sold online as a research chemical. It is similar to pcp with potency and is active in single milligram range. Hence it is very hard to measure the dose accurately. Event the small amount of this drug can cause big difference in physical and mental response. Common dose of this drug is 5-10mg. 15-18 will be taken as high dosage and can cause severe effects. When taken in light dose of 3-5 mg it lead to positive effects including sense of calm, increase in energy, disconnected thoughts, euphoria and more. The neutral effects include altered time perception increased heart rate, confusion and unusual behavior. The high dosage cause negative effects like temporary amnesia, psychotic episodes, anxiety, visual perception and other severe effects. It is good to use this drug as per the physician’s advice to get benefits.

3-meo pcp is a powerful NMDA antagonist and is considered to be a research chemical. This can cause neurotoxity when used frequently or using in high dose. It is difficult to measure 3-meo-pcp accurately since it is active in 1-10mg range and an onset ranging from approximately 20-40 minutes. It is not recommended to mix 3-meo-pcp with alcohol or benzodiazepines. It looks like a white crystalline solid with a melting point of 204 to 205 degree Celsius. When dealing with these kinds of chemicals you need to be aware of the properties and its benefits. Know in detail about the substance by doing research. Buy the product online after taking necessary precautions to ensure safety. For maximum benefits use it in low or medium dose. Consult with the experienced researchers who handle this compound. Give your feedback after using the 3-meo-pcp.


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