More gains or less health risks?

More gains or less health risks?

It is not uncommon to see athletes and bodybuilders use enhancers to get more results out of their cycles or routines, whether for bulking to gain mor

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Steroid for weight gain

It is not uncommon to see athletes and bodybuilders use enhancers to get more results out of their cycles or routines, whether for bulking to gain more mass and muscle density or for cutting to lose the excess calories and fat that accumulated during the bulking cycle. There are many types of enhancers these athletes and bodybuilders use them is entirely up to them.

There are mainly two types of enhancers these athletes and bodybuilders take, one is the anabolic steroid similar to deca and Dianabol which is commonly preferred by these athletes and bodybuilders due to its nature to provide massive amounts of gains in a fairly short amount of time, the other type is the steroid alternatives like D-Bal which is the counterpart of Dianabol, though relatively not as strong as the steroids themselves, they are considered to be quite safer.

The difference

Anabolic steroids are usually synthetic productions made to mimic and enhance the natural hormones of the body and provide massive gains to the users in just a short period, they usually contain risks especially when taken in large doses over long periods at a time. You are literally putting your health at risk to get gains, and for some, that is a risk they’re willing to take.

Supplements however are considered as alternatives to steroids which although provide lesser gains, there are no documented risks involved when taking them. These alternatives such as D-Bal provide the users relatively the same effects to the body as they would when taking anabolic steroids, though the gains aren’t as near as taking the actual thing.

Would you rather?

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions when you’re made to choose between the two and it’s a fairly valid question as well. Would you rather choose gains over your health or would you rather choose lesser gains but you are assured that you aren’t putting your health at risk just to get gains.

The ease of acquisition

Both of these enhancers can be acquired through buying it online but which one can be bought in stores? Of course, depending on your country’s laws pertaining to steroids, it might be illegal to purchase them over the counter without a prescription, the same goes for possession. Anabolic steroids are considered as controlled substances in some countries in order to regulate substance abuse and are therefore considered illegal to purchase or possess without proper prescription which is why some bodybuilders and athletes resort to digging deep in the black market to find reputable sellers of these steroids online. They can also be bought through underground labs as well.

The alternative supplements on the other hand can be bought far much easier since they aren’t considered as a steroid which means these supplements don’t fall under the same law that governs and regulates the use of anabolic steroids. These supplements can definitely be bought over the counter without having the need to get a prescription for them. They are also available for purchase from online stores such as CrazyBulk or through physical shops that sell body supplements such as GNC.

In the end though, it’s still up to the user whether he or she is willing to risk his or her health just to get the gains or choose a far much safer route where the end results are not far off.