Our Top Tips for Traveling With Medication

Our Top Tips for Traveling With Medication

If concerns about traveling with medication are preventing you from fulfilling your love of exploring the globe then we are here to help! From years o

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If concerns about traveling with medication are preventing you from fulfilling your love of exploring the globe then we are here to help! From years of traveling with medication, I’m here with a list of top tips to help make the process a whole lot easier.

Take Inventory

The best thing to do is to consider what medication you would actually need to take with you. If you are looking through the Groupon Coupons page for Biltmore then you are likely thinking of a weekend getaway. For this, consider what you would really need to take, and what might be available there, should you need to access it.


Do You Have a Note for That?

More than a prescription, have any prescribing Doctors write a brief note explaining your dosage of any medications and a light outline of what they are used to treat. While it can seem personal for a security checkpoint agent to ask or know this information, the potential for a very small amount of uncomfortable time with somebody who you will never see again and who will never think of you again is nothing.

Speaking of Prescription

Would you believe that one of the most forgotten items to take when packing medication is the prescription? In addition to the helpful letter mentioned in the tip above, be sure that you remember to take your actual prescription with you and keep it with the medication at all times.

Don’t Check It

There will be some security checkpoints where you won’t get a chance to defend your medication if your bag is checked. It could simply be thrown away with you being none the wiser until you reach your destination and realize what has happened. To prevent this, always carry your medication, the doctor’s letter, and any prescriptions with you at all times as you travel.

Keeping all of your medication in a carry-on is fine (you don’t need to keep it in your pockets), but always be present with it should it be questioned.

While not your actual medication, it’s also a good idea to place a copy of your letters and prescriptions in your check in baggage, just in case you lost the copies accompanying your actual medication.

Is Generic Brand Okay?

This is not just a question you get asked from your local Chemist. This is a question you should be asking the internet. More importantly, the tourism and immigration website for any international countries you tend to visit. Why? Because in some instances, a generic brand hasn’t been tested by the country’s pharmaceutical regulator and may not be cleared for entry.

If you can find this information in advance, you have the chance to fulfill a name brand prescription for one time and not risk having your medication taken from you as you attempt to enter a foreign country.

As you can see from the tips above, traveling with medication isn’t the task it once was. If you are currently taking prescription medication and are worried about traveling with it, keep these tips in mind and enjoy your vacation!